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Petra Mertl

Petra Mertl DOB: May 6, 1974
Birth Place: Czech Republic
Height: 5’7”
Competition Weight: 132lbs

Petra Mertl did not have an easy childhood. Starting at age 6 she suffered form horrendous headaches that kept her from almost all activities, took away any developing friendships and all in all made life very difficult for the young child. It was not until the age of 14 that she was finally cured and she wasted no time catching up and making up for lost time. A year later she would join a gym; this was a pretty big deal in Czechoslovakia because the communist nation frowned on such activities by a woman; she was the only woman in her gym. She was never deterred, through a lot of trial and error and without the help of anyone else, Petra would learn from her mistakes in the gym and continue to progress. Eventually Petra knew she wanted to compete, she needed to build a life for herself in the U.S. but doing so was going to be hard. She did make it but in 2003 when she was finally ready to compete she hit a wall. That very year she was diagnosed with bone cancer. In the end she had simply suffered from a sever bone inflammation; a pretty serious thing because she could have lost her arm, but it was not cancer. Never the less, the doctors told her to forget about training, but she was determined to prove them wrong. Petra would continue to train, she was now training with part of her shoulder removed and the pain she felt while training would bring her to tears; but she never stopped. She did her first show that year and finished 6th out of 20 competitors and never looked back from that day.

Competition History/Placement

2006 Palm Beach Pro Figure - IFBB, Figure, NP
2007 Colorado Pro Championships - IFBB, Figure, 13th
2007 Europa Supershow - IFBB, Figure, 10th
2007 Pittsburgh Pro Figure - IFBB, Figure, NP
2007 Sacramento Pro Championships - IFBB, Figure, 13th
2008 California Pro Figure - IFBB, 14th
2008 Europa Supershow - IFBB, Figure, 17th
2008 Houston Pro Invitational - IFBB, Figure, 15th
2008 Jacksonville Pro Figure, Figure, 14th

“Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be the best at everything I did. I always have been because I never gave up on my dreams and goals. I am very competitive, dedicated, disciplined, and ambitious. I believe if you are healthy, you can do anything you want and to be successful, you must be patient and go for it no matter what! Do not give up on your dreams and goals.”