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Pauline Nordin

Pauline Nordin DOB: July 23, 1982
Birth Place: Sweden
Height: 5’2”
Competition Weight: 110lbs

Growing up on a 300 acre farm Pauline Nordin lived a very secluded life as a child. She was an active child, but a lot of her time was spent alone; thankfully she found solace and entertainment in her love of horses. When she was 6 her father would leave her and her family; shortly thereafter he mother would meet a new man who would soon become her stepfather. He was a difficult man to get along with, and soon after Pauline would began to develop an eating disorder; she says it was as if she had nothing better to do. She became absolutely obsessed with losing weight; even though at this time she weighed only 107lbs. Every day she and a friend would perform a workout of 500 sit-ups, 20 pull-ups and 500 pushups; every day, 7 days a week. On top of that, based on misguided self images they committed to eating only once a day. Eventually Pauline would weigh a dangerous 75lbs. It would be a long road to recovery, but when her sister who was now working in a gym approached Pauline, explaining how the body works with food, the start of a change began. Soon after her revelation, Pauline would join a gym and set her sights on the competitive world. Her first contest came in 2002 at the Swedish Championships at the age of 20. It was still not an easy road for her at this point. She began to gain weight, she began to gain muscle, but with the distorted image she had created of her body, it was a difficult process; one that would often leave her depressed and alone. But through sheer determination, Pauline would overcome her illness and is today a card carrying IFBB pro.

Competition History/Placement
2006 California Pro Figure - IFBB, 8th
2006 Europa Supershow - IFBB, Figure, 7th
2006 Pittsburgh Pro Figure - IFBB, Figure, 9th
2006 San Francisco Pro Championships - IFBB, Figure, 10th
2006 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure - IFBB, 6th
2007 California Pro Figure - IFBB, 6th
2007 Colorado Pro Championships - IFBB, Figure, 8th
2007 Pittsburgh Pro Figure - IFBB, Figure, 13th

*Does not reflect entire history