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Monica Brant-Peckham

Monica Brant-Peckham DOB: October 26, 1970
Birth Place: Hood, Texas
Height: 5'4"
Competition Weight: 126lbs
Years Bodybuilding: 1991


Born and raised in Hood, TX on a farm, Monica Brant Peckham grew up a very active child. By the age of 14, she was giving riding lessons, training horses, as well as playing volleyball and running track in high school. In 1991, Monica began lifting weights and competing in fitness competitions just for fun. But in 1994, she graced the cover of “Muscle & Fitness” and this began to give her a new perspective on what she was doing. By 1995 Monica was now devoted 100% to making a career in the fitness industry. By 1998 she enjoyed her biggest success winning the 1998 Fitness Olympia. To top it off, she made the cover of 45 magazines, books and calendars worldwide that year. After that, and 2 2nd place finishes in fitness, Monica retired from the sport due to the fact that the rigors of fitness competing were taking a toll. But with the announcement of Pro Figure in 2003, Monica again returned to the stage. With a 3rd place finish at the 2003 Olympia and one of the most controversial placings in IFBB history at the 2007 Olympia where she did not place, Monica has still maintained if not improved upon her own fitness career. With perhaps the largest fan base of any female IFBB competitor, Monica’s physique speaks for itself; regardless of what the judges thought at the 07 Olympia.

Competition History
1991 Ms National Fitness 1991- 9th
1991 Ms Fitness USA Arizona Overall  
1993 Ms Fitness USA Texas 1993- 6th
1994 Ms Fitness USA Southern CA. Overall
1995 Ms Fitness USA Nationals 9th
1995 Jan Tana Fitness Pro Overall  
1995 Fitness Olympia 7th
1996 Jan Tana Fitness 2nd
1996 Fitness New York Pro 4th
1996 Fitness Olympia 7th
1997 Fitness Arnold Classic 2nd
1997 Fitness Olympia 6th
1998 Fitness Arnold Classic 2nd
1998 Fitness Olympia Overall
1999 Fitness Olympia 4th
2003 Figure Olympia 7th  
2003 Figure Olympia 3rd
2003 Figure Arnold Classic 2nd 

2003 Sacramento Pro Figure 3rd 

2003 Figure Olympia 3rd 

2003 San Francisco Pro Figure 2nd 

2003 Figure Arnold Classic 2nd
2003 Figure Olympia 3rd 

2003 Figure Arnold Classic 2nd 

2003 Figure Olympia 2nd 

2003 GNC Pro Figure 2nd
2003 Figure Arnold Classic 2nd
2004 Figure Arnold Classic 2nd
2004 Figure Olympia 3rd
2005 Sacramento Pro Figure 3rd 

2005 Figure Olympia 3rd 

2005 San Francisco Pro Figure 2nd 

2005 Figure Arnold Classic 2nd
2006 Figure Olympia 3rd 

2006 Figure Arnold Classic 2nd
2007 Figure Olympia  7th  

spokeswoman for BSN Supplements since 2005
“Monica Brant is the most important figure in the history of the women’s fitness movement” (Jim Rosenthal, Senior Writer Weider Publications)
“Monica’s accomplishments speak for themselves, she simply shines – truly a fitness icon for the millennium!” (Karen Hawley, Senior Art Director (1998-2003) – Muscle & Fitness)
Monica Brant-Peckham http://www.monicabrant.com/