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Mari Kudla-Donnelly

Mari Kudla-Donnelly DOB: November 26, 1979
Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio
Height: 5’3”
Competition Weight: 125lbs
Years Training: 10+ years


A gymnast from an early age, Mari Kudla-Donnelly was a very shy child who hated the attention of the gymnastic floor but because of her love for the sport she stayed at it. But eventually Mari would realize that although she started her gymnastic career early, it wasn’t quite early enough and she began to realize that she would eventually have to let it go; a hard decision but it would eventually pay off. She would go on to attend Ohio State and it was there that she found her love of exercise and the gym. It was here where she was introduced to Mike Davies, and it was here that she decided if she wasn’t going to a be a competitive gymnast any more, she might as well give fitness competitions a go. It was a good experience and through Mikes help she would win her first show. She would do 7 shows that year, placing in the top 3 in every one, including 3 overall titles. By 2002 with the introduction of figure to the IFBB, Mari set her sights on an IFBB pro figure card. That same year, and after less then a year after giving birth, Mari earned her pro card at Nationals.

Competition History/Placement
2000 Overall NPC Nationals Body Building and Fitness Short class 3rd
2000 Governor's Cup Drug Tested Body Building & Fitness 1st
2000Overall Northeastern Classic Body Building and Fitness 1st
2000 USA Body Building and Fitness 8th
2000Michael Francois World Gym Classic Body Building and Fitness 2nd
2000 Pittsburgh Body Building and Fitness Championships 2nd
2000 Cincinnati Body Building Championships and Fitness 1st
2002 IFBB Arnold Classic 4th
2002 IFBB World Amateur Figure Champs, Brno, Czech Republic 3rd
2002 NPC Team Universe & National  Figure Championships 1st
2002 Monica Brant Bodyrock Fitness and Figure Championships 1st
2003 IFBB GNC Show of Strength 4th
2003 IFBB Olympia 4th
2003 IFBB Night of Champions Pro Figure 3rd
2003 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure 3rd
2004 IFBB Olympia 7th
2004 IFBB California Pro Figure 7th
2004 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure 6th
2004 IFBB Arnold Classic 6th