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Marcy Porter

Marcy Porter Birth Place: Newburyport, Massachusetts
Height: 5’5”
Competition Weight
: 128lbs


Growing up, Marcy Porter played a little soccer but that was pretty much the extent of her activity. After high school Marcy would join a gym simply to prevent form getting fat but she quickly began to notice changes and she like them a lot. She would meet a local fitness competitor and had a strong desire to do this herself, but with no formal dance or gymnastics training this was not a possibility. But fortune was on her side, that very year Marcy discovered figure and took a stab at her first show. She didn’t really know what she was doing at this time and it showed in her first contest, but later that year she was discovered by a trainer who saw her potential and that was when things began to take off. It was still a lot of work; she would place decently at a few local shows and eventually take a stab at Nationals, but in a class of 68 competitors, she was overlooked; she just wasn’t ready. Marcy would take a year off after the 2003 Nationals to refine her physique. 2004 would be a good year for her, she won the medium class at the Ironman Figure and placed 2nd to Tara Scotti at the Jr. USA’s and it was at this time she fully began to realize her potential for the sport. That very same year she would once again take to Nationals but this time the outcome was more of a positive experience. At the 2004 Figure Nationals, Marcy Porter earned her pro card by taking 1st in the Medium class and was now an IFBB pro.

Competition History/Placement

2003 Ancient City Classic (Level3) Overall
2003 Southern USA (Level 5) 3rd
2002 Southeastern (Level 5) 2nd
2001 Central Florida district (Level 3) 4th
2001 Hurricane Bay (Level 4) 4th
2003 Southern States - NPC, Figure Medium, 3rd
2003 Southern USA - NPC, Figure Tall, 3rd
2004 Junior Nationals - NPC, Figure Medium-Tall, 7th
2004 Junior USA - NPC, Figure Medium-Tall, 2nd
2004 Nationals - NPC, Figure Medium, 1st
2005 North American Pro Figure - IFBB, 8th
2005 San Francisco Pro Championships - IFBB, Figure, 11th
2005 Toronto Pro Figure - IFBB, 9th
2005 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure - IFBB, 8th
2006 California Pro Figure - IFBB, 9th
2006 Colorado Pro Championships - IFBB, Figure, 8th
2006 Pittsburgh Pro Figure - IFBB, Figure, 15th
2006 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure - IFBB, 15th
2007 Kentucky Muscle Pro Figure - IFBB, Figure, NP
2008 Europa Supershow - IFBB, Figure, 10th
2008 Jacksonville Pro Figure, Figure, 20th