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Lorenza Cozza

Lorenza Cozza Birth Place: Italy
Height: 5’7”
Competition Weight: 140lbs

Born and raised in Italy, Lorenza Cozza still makes her life there today. A world renowned person in the fitness industry, Lorenza made her name as a industry leader in fitness starting in 1998 and when she was introduced to the fitness world the titles just kept coming. She would compete in the Fitness division as an amateur but once she earned her pro card in 2002 by taking 1st at the European Championships, she would enter the IFBB as a figure pro.

Competition History/Placement

1999 USA World Championships Selection 1st
2000 Italian Natural Bodybuilding Championships 1st
2001 IFBB European Fitness Championships in Kiev (Russia) 7th
2001 Night of Champions IFBB Fitness Pioneer 1st
2001 Coliseum IFBB Fitness Pioneer 1st
2001 Two Towers Trophy - Bodybuilding Soft category 4th
2002 Ms. Treviso - Fitness category 1st
2002 Ms. Verona - Fitness category 1st
2002 Italian Fitness Championships 1st
2002 European Fitness Championships 1st
2003 Jan Tana Classic IFBB Pro Figure 17th
2004 California Show IFBB Pro Figure 23rd
2005 New York IFBB Pro Figure 12th