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Jennifer Searles

Jennifer Searles DOB: June 13th
Birth Place: New Bedford, MA
Height: 5'7"
Competition Weight: 130

Jennifer Searles grew up in Nantucket Massachusetts in a large family and with a very competitive nature. From an early age, Jennifer took up the sport of competitive figure skating to quench her competitive spirit. By the time she reached college, unfortunately she had to get off the ice because of knee problems. Upon graduating, Jennifer headed to New York City to pursue a career in acting. Jennifer quickly found modest successes in NY, and while there joined to a gym to make sure she stayed in shape for her acting roles. It did not take long till Jennifer remembered how much she loved the grueling feeling of physical work. Before she knew it, her priorities of training quickly outweighed her desires to act. Jennifer would go on to compete in her first show, the 2001 Natural Eastern Classic. Knowing nothing about figure prep, she still managed to finish 2nd at her first show. 3 years and 10 shows later, Jennifer earned her pro card at the 2004 National Figure Championships. Although a short lived IFBB career, it was in fact a successful one and Jennifer still remains a fan favorite in the industry.

Competition History/Placement
2001 Natural Eastern Classic Figure 2nd  
2001 Fitness America Pageant Nationals 18th out of 96
2002 Women's Extravaganza Fitness Overall
2002 Women's Extravaganza Figure 4th
2003 Bev Francis Atlantic States Overall
2003 Jr. Nationals Figure 7th
2003 National Figure Championships D class 16th
2004 Jr. USA's C class 8th
2004 Jr. Nationals C class 3rd
2004 National Figure Championships E class 1st
2005 Figure Olympia 9th
2005 North American Pro Figure 2nd
2005 New York Pro Figure 2nd
2005 Pittsburgh Pro Figure 16th
2006 Figure Olympia 9th
2006 Motor City Pro Figure Championships Overall
2006 New York Pro Figure 2nd

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Florentine Receptionist Israel
"Why do you do it to yourself? Why do you put up with all the dieting and pain?" My answer is always, "Because I love the sport" Simple. I love the sport. The difficulty and anguish that is involved with getting ready for a show are always worth it. To feel the rush of getting up on that stage and displaying your hard work for all to see is an amazing thing, and makes any amount of pain not only manageable, but welcome.