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Heather Mae French

Heather Mae French Birth Place: Little Rock, Arkansas
Height: 5’0”
Competition Weight: 103lbs

Heather Mae French was born in Little Rock and had a desire for competition from the get go. Be it softball, gymnastics, dancing or any other sport or activity, Heather possessed a competitive edge. As Heather grew, she would soon develop a desire to compete as a figure girl. This was all taking place while she was in college and it wouldn’t be long before she did in fact hit the stage. 1 year later Heather would open up her own training facility and in that same year she decided to take a go at fitness competitions as well. She would enter the Northern Colorado and not only did she win the overall in fitness, but she took the same title in figure. That same year she competed in the Team Universe but the results were not what she expected and she did not place. Heather took some time away from the stage after her defeat at the Team Universe but it wouldn’t be to long of a lay off. Soon after she would meet George Farah who helped her rekindle her dream and before you knew it, she was back on stage. Two shows later, Heather was an IFBB pro, earning her pro card at the 2006 Jr. Nationals by taking 1st in the “A” class. Only a pro now for a very short time, she has still managed to put together a nice resume in the IFBB.

Competition History/Placement
2006 Junior Nationals - NPC, Figure A, 1st
2006 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure - IFBB, 14th
2007 Colorado Pro Championships - IFBB, Figure, 12th
2007 Sacramento Pro Championships - IFBB, Figure, 7th
2007 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure - IFBB, 6th
2008 California Pro Figure - IFBB, 2nd
2008 Houston Pro Invitational - IFBB, Figure, 3rd
2008 Pittsburgh Pro Figure - IFBB, Figure, 4th