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Elaine Goodlad

Elaine Goodlad DOB: May 2, 1964
Birth Place: Saskatchewan, Canada
Height: 5'7"
Competition Weight: 130-132 lbs

The daughter of a farmer and Baptist minister, Elaine Goodlad has become one of the most recognizable faces in the health and fitness industry. But it was not always an easy path for Elaine. Growing up she suffered through bulimia and it was a very tough thing to overcome. At the age of 20, Elaine discovered the gym and began to learn about proper nutrition; with her n=new found knowledge as well as help from power lifter and future husband Terry Goodlad, a lot of changes started occurring in her life. As she begin to develop her body, Elaine would move to competition. As a pro Elaine has enjoyed a very solid career. One of the most photographed fitness models in the industry, her success has gone way beyond the stage.

Competition History/Placement
2002 NPC Emerald Cup, 1st  (Tall) and Overall winner
2003 IFBB Arnold Classic Figure International, 6th
2003 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Classic, 6th
2003 IFBB New York Pro Championships, 5th
2003 IFBB Night of Champions, 5th
2003 IFBB Figure Olympia, 11th 
2003 IFBB Show of Strength Pro Championship, 6th
2003 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure, 5th 
2004 IFBB California Pro Figure, 1st
2004 IFBB Figure International, 8th
2004 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure, 3rd
2004 IFBB Show of Strength Pro Championship, 8th
2004 IFBB Figure Olympia, 8th
2005 IFBB Figure International 8th
2005 IFBB Charlotte Pro Championships, 8th
2005 IFBB Europa Supershow, 6th
2006 IFBB Figure International 10th

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