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Dina Al-Sabah

Dina Al-Sabah DOB: February 28
Birth Place: Beirut, Lebanon
Height: 5'5"
Competition Weight: 117-118 lbs
Years Training: 17 years


Dina Al-Sabah was born in Beirut and is of Kuwaiti, Syrian and Turkish decent; related to Salim Al-Mubarak Al- Sabah ruler of Kuwaiti in the early 20th century. The Al-Sabah family has ruled Kuwaiti for more then 200 years. Dina grew up a very active child; by age 5 she developed a passion for riding horses and remained active throughout her childhood playing volleyball, basketball and running track. Not only has Dina always been active, she is also extremely educated and very well traveled. Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Arabic, she also possess degrees in electrical engineering an M.S. in telecommunications and computers and an MBA from GWU. Dina began her quest for a perfect body 1991 when she moved to London in 1991. By the time she moved to the U.S. she spent even more time on refining her body. It would be 8 years of training and educating herself on nutrition before Dina did her first show in 1999. Her start was a good one and in 2001 she set her eyes on the IFBB. But there was a major setback for Dina; she had decided to take a shot at Nationals, but due to regulations. One is required to be a U.S. citizen. Further disappointment would find Dina when she realized the only way she could be an IFBB athlete was if she received a recommendation from Kuwaiti; but due to Arab beliefs, women are prohibited from bodybuilding competitions. Dina would not be deterred from her goals and continued to compete in hopes that the right people would notice her. That day came in 2002 when she caught the eye of Jim Manion and Ben Weider and was granted her pro card. Shortly thereafter, Dina began her IFBB career, but not without the criticism of many in the Arab world. But the negative has been far outweighed by the positive, and Dina has made her mark in the pro figure arena.

Competition History/Placement
1999 NGA Mount Rodgers Cup Novice 2nd
2000 NPC East Coast Tournament of Champions (MW) 4th
2000 NPC BodyRock (LW) 2nd
2001 NPC Monica Brant Fitness Classic Overall
2001 NPC Jan Tana Figure Overall
2001 NPC Northeastern Figure Classic (Tall) 3rd
2002 NPC Pittsburgh Figure Championship (Tall) 3rd
2002 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States Figure Championship Overall
2002 NPC Debbie Kruck Figure Classic Overall
2002 NPC Northeast Figure Classic Overall
2003 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure 4th
2003 IFBB NOC Figure Championships 6th
2003 IFBB NY Pro Figure Championships 2nd
2003 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Figure 1st
2003 IFBB Miss Figure Olympia 5th
2003 IFBB GNC Show of Strength 3rd
2004 IFBB Figure International 7th
2004 IFBB GNC Show of Strength 14th
2004 IFBB Miss Figure Olympia 13th
2006 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure 9th
2006 IFBB Palm Beach Pro Figure 12th
2006 IFBB Sacrament Pro Figure 8th