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Christine Pomponio-Pate

Christine Pomponio-Pate
DOB: January 28
Birth Place: Colorado
Height: 5'1"
Competition Weight: 102lbs
Years Bodybuilding: 10


Christine Pomponio-Pate’s story is not quite like anyone else’s. It was 1999, Christine had nine of her front teeth knocked out, her top lip was completely severed and it took 6 long years and 11 surgeries to recover the gorgeous figure we see on stage today. Suffering from low blood sugar, she had passed out while driving her car and she crossed the median and struck an oncoming truck head on. Due to a faulty seatbelt, Christine was catapulted from her car, smashing her face on the steering wheel as she left the vehicle. By all accounts, she should have lost her life at the scene. Always active, the sudden catastrophe left Christine in a fix. But unlike many, she did not remain sedentary, she immediately jumped head first into weight training to deal with the inactivity. By 1999, she found herself competing in her first show, the Colorado State Fitness Championships where she won and there moved to the national stage. By 2001 after winning the Team Universe, Christine was now a full fledged pro. Holding her own as a fitness competitor, she moved to figure in 2003 with the newly formed pro figure class. She would struggle at first but by 2004 she became one of the top contenders at every show she entered. Quite the story; one that could have turned out quite differently for most.
Competition History
2004 Olympia 6th
2005 Arnold Classic 4th
2005 San Francisco Pro 3rd
2005 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure 1st  
2005 Olympia 6th
2006 Arnold Classic 6th   
2006 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic 3rd   
2006 California State Pro Figure Championships 1st   
2006 Olympia4th
2007 Olympia NP

*Does not reflect entire history
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