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workout musicI remember when I first started working out, way back in the old days. Well not really the old days, since I am only 30 years old, but it sure feels like the old days to me. It was not uncommon to workout in a gym that was silent, apart from the occasional grunt or yell. It was all about the clanging of the weights and maybe the noise of a random fan placed strategically for a cool breeze. Well, that was the old days and they are the past.

Gyms today are loaded with speakers and the music blares loudly. Gym owners seemed to have caught onto the fact that people enjoy music when they’re weight training. Who can blame them? I love to weight train with good workout music. Music can be very inspiring and it can be that one factor that brings you over a hump when you first start weight training or doing cardio.

Music, in my opinion, is very important to your weight training program for a couple of reasons. Firstly, music, in general, can stir up emotion. Why not take that emotion and use it to get your heart going and the muscles tensing. Ever try doing a heavy set of squats when you’re tired and unmotivated? Good Luck! Add an mp3 player blaring your favorite upbeat song in your ears and you will likely have instant motivation.

Secondly, good workout music can help with those boring cardio sessions. There’s nothing worse than having to do 40 minutes of cardio with no music or other electronic devise to steal away the boredom. A good beat will always pull you through that last mile on the road to nowhere.

In no way does this article suggest a certain type of music gets you pumped up more than others. It is all about the person and what they need to get the adrenaline going. For me it is something heavy and very beat driven. I am a big fan of Tool, Korn, and Metallica while lifting. For others it could be Hip-Hop, Rap, or even Country, I guess.

I save the more upbeat songs for cardio sessions, which is when I need my music the most. I can talk to other people while I work out, but cardio sessions can be long and grueling without something to keep you going. If your gym is outfitted with cardio equipment with personal T.V. screens, these can be very useful. I train an elderly couple that the male half only agreed to come to the gym because he could watch his favorite wrestling shows on T.V. while he does his cardio. That is three one-hour cardio sessions per week that would have been neglected if not for the blending of technology and exercise. He traded in the couch for the recumbent bike and his grand kids are the one who will benefit from having grandpa around for a long time to come.
music at gym
Companies have taken notice of the multi-media craze and offered applications and specialty accessories for all types of media. Apple and Nike have partnered to track your training through your ipod from a device you place in the insole of specialty Nike shoes. The Nike plus, as they call it, tracks everything from miles to pace and time.

Other companies have placed music to workout instructions. This idea is morphing into a sort of electronic personal trainer. The danger of this type of download swings on the consumer practicing the exercise safely with good form. A person can be there in voice to tell you what to do, but form is everything in working out.

If you like music and you like working out, this is probably not news to you, but certain people don’t realize the level of motivation music can have over you. So, go pick up an mp3 player, fill it with good tunes, and head to the squat rack.

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