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When it comes to performance enhancing drugs, there are many questions that you have, especially when you first start out. The most common question for someone who is ready to take the plunge is, “how do I use these things to get big and the safest way possible?” Everyone has questions, some are good and some are downright idiotic, but the concerns are there either way.

When it comes to getting big, using performance-enhancing drugs and reaching that “next level” there is more misinformation out there than not because the topic of performance-enhancing drugs is such a taboo one; most end up turning to internet message boards. Internet message boards can be good places to get some basic information; of course this depends on the board in question. However, you should always remember, most of these people, even though their heart is in the right place, really don’t have an understanding of what’s going on. How can they? It’s not a subject that has a lot of viable info for us to pull from. In turn, all who are ready to use performance-enhancing drugs or are using performance-enhancing drugs are subject to simply doing the best they can with what they have. But this doesn’t mean there are not some basic elements of truth out there on the topic; and it’s because of this that there are some prevailing elements that have bothered me for quite some time.

I’ve begun to notice that guys will come to message boards in the beginning asking the basic questions we all ask and as time goes by, their questions begin to evolve. As they evolve themselves into more sound bodybuilders and more educated individuals when it comes to the topic of performance enhancing drugs, there is one key flaw that seems to prevail.

Most are interested in doing things as properly as they can, with sound judgment therefore minimizing risk to the full extent plausible. Hey, there is nothing wrong with this and for the most part this sound judgment should be applauded. However, in the end, most people come back over and over again, wondering how they can do things better? How can they reach the level of muscular development that they truly desire? At this stage, the person has more than likely gotten to the point where they more than likely do not follow the same protocol when it comes to this topic that they did in the beginning. As they evolve into better bodybuilders, they inevitably evolve into more of a risk taker when it comes to performance enhancing drugs. 

It is at this point many end up falling away from drug use themselves. They begin to realize that no matter what they do, they will never look like the guys they see on the covers of a magazine; that is unless their evolvement goes to a state way beyond what they have accepted so far. Then we’re left with just a few, a very small minority. These individuals continue to grow as bodybuilders: they do not lose most of their size after coming off a cycle. In fact, they get bigger and better each and every time. Why is this, what’s the secret, what’s the magic formula that most guys are missing? Is it genetics, is that all it is? We all know genetics play such a huge and important role in this game. Even with “good” genetics, most will never reach the magazine look. Yet there are those who even with sub-par genetics, continue to flourish each and every year and it is this fact that drives the majority of bodybuilders absolutely nuts! So what’s the ticket you ask, please, please let me know this secret you cry. It’s actually quite simple and can be summed up with one word…RISK. The guy who falls into this small minority does not follow the guided judgment of most performance enhancing drug users. He does not follow such things as “time on equals time off,” he does not follow the basic safety procedures that many are accustomed to. His cycles are thoroughly planned out, but at a moment’s notice it will change if he notices even a slight stalemate in growth and production. 
 He has forgone the “play it safe” motto, and in the end he may very well pay for his decisions; then again he may not; time will tell. He understands this reality and accepts the risk and responsibility himself; even so, he’s still bigger and better than you. That’s the truth. That’s the difference between him and you. Is this a fact set in stone? No, there are always exceptions, but in general you can bet your supply of test that it’s dead on the money. This doesn’t mean you should say to yourself, “Well crap, I guess I’m SOL;” far from it. Playing it safe, is just that, playing it safe, and we all take certain risk in life to reach and achieve what we desire. A businessman may put all he has into a future endeavor; in the end he may fall flat on his face, bankrupt and homeless. When it comes to this element of truth there is one last thing, and for heaven sake hear this. Do not say to yourself, “hey, I’m willing to risk it.” Just because you’re willing does not make it a good idea. Calculate your risk; determine what’s important and go from there. All I’ve done is explained the truth…nothing more. I once heard a man say "You have to go out on the limb to reach the fruit” this is dead on, but remember, if you reach out for that fruit you may end up falling out the tree.

Now that we’ve discussed what it takes to truly be a monster in terms of drug protocol, not to the point of extreme dissecting, just an understanding of what it takes. Let’s talk about the drugs themselves. Not what to use or not to use or how much to use, but rather where you get them. First and foremost; Under Ground Labs are a waste and you will never reach your full potential or get anywhere near freak size by using them. Let me explain some things. I see guys all the time, guys that have been using and cycling AAS for several years. But most of these guys never really make the kinds of gains they should be making by using performance-enhancing drugs. Just to clarify, I'm talking about guys who actually train and eat right, not the gym rat that we all label the "idiot" of the gym; every gym has them. These guys I speak of, when they did their first cycle, they made some pretty good gains using UGL gear. Like most UGL gear, it was more than likely under-dosed significantly, or not what it said it's not uncommon for UGL's to sell a huge list of items, but in reality, every item in the vile is just under-dosed test; at least we hope it's at least test and not vegetable oil or some bacteria infested oil. Even so, these guys made decent gains because even with the slightest bit of anabolics entering the body, anyone will grow your first time; it doesn't take much. But then the growth almost stops all together. They get on a new cycle, and they continually add more and more MG's per wk to the cycles; each cycle is bigger than the last because they are so desperate to make gains. They do end up gaining a little, because even though they are good and smart guys when it comes to training and nutrition, they still inevitably push it a little harder when "on." But the gains are minimal, and could have been reached without the new cycle. Their pocket books would be thicker and the gains would have been the same if they had simply stayed natural. They will inevitably get frustrated and make claims such as maybe their receptors are simply fired from all the years of use. Or maybe it's just that they don't have great genetics.  Sorry guys, this is a lie if you believe it; it simply does not work that way; not to this extent. What’s the root of the problem? Simple, most are not using good gear; that's it. When you use good gear, you should grow a good deal, and this should happen every single time you cycle. True, you may never grow like you did the first time you cycle, but you shouldn't be making minimal gains either.

I'm not going to stand up here on my soapbox and make a bunch of hypocritical statements. I've used my share of UGL gear; I've used some junk. I've been suckered in by "low prices." After all, who likes spending more money than they have to? But ask yourself this, would you rather pay a little more for 100% good gear, or would you rather save a few bucks for gear that is, well, who knows what it is? Granted, there are a few decent UGL's out there; not many though and most of the decent domestic UGL's are long gone. The point of all this, use human grade gear; use human grade gear and watch yourself grow. Use UGL gear and remain the same size you are now. It's your call.

Final thoughts; none of what was said in this article was to try to persuade you to use performance enhancing drugs, or to get you to use performance enhancing drugs in the first place. This article was written to hopefully open some eyes and lay out a little bit of truth on the topic.

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