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The Dating Gym

Almost every gym across the globe has become more than a simple place to get in a workout. Much like the hottest club, gyms have become breeding grounds for finding that special someone. If you’re a gym regular then this shouldn’t come as a surprise – and if you are one of these “regulars” there’s a good chance you met a special someone there yourself.

Why Is This?

When you spend a lot of time in one place and someone you find attractive is also there regularly, it’s simply bound to happen. Couple that with a common interest and it’s easy to see why so many “hook-up” “get-together” or even fall in love at the gym. Think about it. You meet a girl at a bar, you both hit it off, you like the way she looks and next thing you know, the two of you are a regular item. More often than not this relationship falls apart. But your gym-born romance stands more of a chance because you know you're starting from common ground.  No one is implying that a simple interest in lifting weights or working out is enough to form a strong bond, but it’s safe to say it’s a better bet than a shared interest in Jim Beam.

The Guy Problem

For many men the gym is their own candy store when it comes to the dating game. This becomes can be an overwhelming problem for the female gym rat who is bombarded with unsolicited attention. For many men, the gym brings them completely back to nature, back to an animalistic approach.  Guys will stand and ogle as a woman performs her stiff-leg deadlifts as if this exercise were chosen just for their eyes and enjoyment. They will bombard any woman within ear shot with constant flirting that is many times considered a giant pain in her ass; always remember she’s there to workout just like you are.

Things NOT To Do

  • Don’t stare with your mouth open.
  • Don’t stare relentlessly. Period.
  • Don’t approach a woman with headphones on and automatically expect her to want to speak with you. Just because she is in the gym at the same time you are does not mean she is there for you.
  • Don’t grab at women you don’t know! This should be common sense.
  • Don’t be crude with your flirting. You may be in that macho animal mode, but this doesn’t exempt you from acting like a decent human being.

Exceptions To The “Not To Do” List

  • If she has on headphones and is making blatant repetitive eye contact, chances are you’re safe to approach.
  • The above is the only exception to the rules!!!

The Girl Problem

As men are responsible for their actions, so are their female counterparts. This carries over to all aspects of life, and the gym is no different. For one reason or another, many in our society have given women a free pass when it comes to this sort of thing. Society as a whole has beaten down our men into believing that their natural instinct to be a man is wrong. We are told to be more submissive, to be more “gentlemanly” to be pansies, to forgo our inclinations as men. Yes, there is a line for every situation that shouldn’t be crossed, but there is also a point of outright absurdity.

If you are a regular female gym rat and you don’t like being ogled by men, there are things that you can do to make things easier on yourself.

If You DON’T Want To Be Stared At

  • Don’t work out in a sports bra.
  • Don’t wear shorts that leave the bottom of your ass cheeks hanging out.
  • Don’t wear tops that have your entire chest exposed just short of topless.
  • Don’t stare and trade glances with a guy and expect not to be approached.

Exceptions To The “Don’t” List

  • You work out in an all female gym.
  • You don’t care if men approach you.
  • You like the attention.

Meeting That “Special Someone”

There are bad apples in the gym just as in every place on earth and it’s unfortunate that these bad apples stand out more than the good ones, but there are also happy stories. The key to making it work is simple:  don’t force it to work. Go to the gym to workout. If you happen to meet someone and hit it off, consider it a bonus. In time that bonus may become much more than that, and if it does that’s great, but always remember, the gym is there first and foremost for working out; it’s not a singles bar.

Now that we have hopefully created a better understanding, the next topic at hand is a big one: should you workout with your significant other? Good idea or bad idea? Relationship booster or the edge of a fiery crash to hell? Keep your eyes on for the answer.

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