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He's a bodybuilder? Oh Crap!

Every gym has one of these, if you’re lucky, you may have a few. Wait a minute, did I say lucky? More accurately, if your gym sucks, then you may be “blessed” with a handful. He can be found pressing the biggest dumbbells, the gym has to offer. You may even find him doing 3-inch squats, but it’s unlikely he’s ever touched a leg exercise. Each set he completes, regardless of the movement, produces it’s own full array of loathsome amusement. The sets are fast, the form is sloppy, the weight is typically more then needed, but it’s the aftermath of each set that brings out the very worse in this individual. The weights slam to the floor in a thunderous roar, not out of necessity, but simply to engage the attention of the incidental passer by. Profanities are squawked; amateurish, oafish and incompetent posing is done not two inches from the mirror. Then it’s time for another set, but not before the rest of the “post set” ritual is completed. First order of business, make intrusive comments to any female with in ear shot. Followed by laughing at 16yr old boy struggling with his bench press. Hey, at least the kid is trying and it’s safe to say his form is better then our friend here. A sneering glare, loud mouthed and profane, complete disrespect and utter disregard for his fellow gym rats. Undoubtedly a sad sight, but the real sorrow is not brought forth on this man himself, but rather you and I. To the “average Joe” this is what defines, this is what makes up, this is a bodybuilder; pure and simple.

Ask any Joe Blow on the street to describe a bodybuilder and this is what you’ll get nine times out of ten. They’ll characterize our friend to a tee, just as the previous illustration entails. Many will have their own negative point of views to add, but in the end, it’s typically the same. Of course, then there’s the “Money Shot” and it can only be produced by one thing; Steroids! As Joe Blow is quick to point out all of the negative aspects of our despicable friend, as his testimony unravels, it’s safe to say the word “steroids” will rear its monstrous head numerous times. You’ll hear things like “roid rage” as being the reason for our friends demeanor. Is this right, has our friends use of anabolic or other performance enhancing drugs led to this detestable behavior? This would be very doubtful. Although many in our society lustfully delight in the opportunity to blame certain instances of behavior on steroids, there is no scientific medical proof that this exist; not even remotely. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you saw a report on Date Line that said steroids make people angry; you heard Rosie O’Donnell tell a zombie-fied audience steroids are responsible for corrupting our youth. I’m sure the list could go on and on. Even so, where is the credibility? Where is the hard evidence, the proof, the “smoking gun?” Because the fact remains, they can keep talking, but it will always simply be just “talk.”

If you need a “smoking gun” well, I’ve got one for you, but if you happen to find yourself as one on the “yes roid rage is real” side of the fence, I’ve got bad news for you. I’m afraid when the smoke clears, that smoking gun is going to be pointing directly at you. Obviously, you’re going to want proof, well fine, here’s your proof. “One of the most common misconceptions regarding the side effects of anabolic steroids is known as ‘roid rage’. There seems to be little or no evidence such a condition actually exists. Most studies done on "angry behavior" and anabolic steroid use show no psychological effect, implying that either "roid rage" doesn't exist or that anabolic steroids' effects on aggression are too small to be measured. Many scientists and medical professionals conclude anabolic steroids have no real effect on increased aggressive behavior.”(1,2,3)

I know, a statement like this could not come from a reputable medical or scientific source, not a chance. But for those keeping score, this comes from numerous studies done by National Center for Biotechnology Information., The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, as well as the Archives of General Psychiatry. This should be enough to establish that roid rage does not exist. For many though the idea has been ingrained too deep, and hope is lost. Even so, let’s get back to our asinine friend.

It’s humiliating this guy acts the way he does. Does he not understand that his behavior is damaging the image of a world he alleges to be a part of? He’d probably go as far as to claiming some sort of birthright, the exalted headstone of bodybuilding; but you’ll never see him step on stage.

As your standing in a state of complete perplexed disgust “admiring” this individual, take a glance not more the ten feet over in any direction. You’ve noticed this guy a time or two, but any time you see him, you’re quickly distracted by the flaming erratic behavior of the “other” guy. He stands alone, silent, flawlessly going through his training, hurting no one other then himself…in a good way of course. Sure, he’ll slam a weight down now and again, but it’s more out of necessity and he doesn’t make a scene out of it. In the end it goes unnoticed. Unlike our friend, this guy actually trains legs, he actually squats, does dead lifts, this guy is actually a bodybuilder. To top it off, he actually competes in bodybuilding contest…pretty amazing thing to do for someone that calls themselves a bodybuilder huh. Does he use steroids? Maybe, there is a pretty decent chance but it’s not set in stone. Maybe if you get to know him you can ask him. Just don’t do it while he’s training, let’s say it’s not polite to put nicely.

He has never “raged” on anyone, he doesn’t walk around groping and winking at every soccer mom that walks by. No in fact, the soccer mom looks at him, but

he doesn’t care; he’ll worry about that sort of thing at another venue. Thousands fit this guys description but they go completely unrecognized living in their own inconspicuous world. While a few self-proclaimed bodybuilders choose to demean the nature of a truly pure and well founded association, in the end it is the bona fide bodybuilder who pays for the sins of a few.

Bodybuilding has forever been an obscure endeavor taken up by few and ridiculed by the masses. There are numerous aspects that question the legitimacy of this pursuit by society as a whole, but it is the preposterous, demented behavior of the minority that has brought forth the brunt of negativity.

For the true bodybuilder, this should be taken as a slap in the face. When one is part of an association that is being unreasonably damaged by the actions of a few, disgust and outrage can only be expected. Bodybuilding may forever be something that exists on the outskirts of society, but how far is yet to be determined. When you yourself come across this individual who is in fact degrading your way of life by his actions, confront him; by no means let his practice carry on. However, do not stoop to his level of disparaging etiquette, rather rise above it. In all likely hood, this scoundrel will back down, for his very spirit is one of self pity and remorse. Demand retribution from such individuals but only in the spirit of preserving the pure association in which you’re in fact a part of.

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