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[Apr 22 2009] Go Figure - Switching Back to Bodybuilding Has Been the Perfect Fit for Cathy LeFrancois
Women in Bodybuilding Category

All it took was a simple comparison of applause to change her mind. In 2006, Cathy LeFrancois had just completed a guest posing routine and emcee Lonnie Teper asked the crowd who wanted to see her continue as a figure competitor. Before Teper could finish...

[Feb 27 2009] Jennifer Lynn Cowan – From Track to Wrestling to the World of Figure and Bodybuilding
Women in Bodybuilding Category

It should be no surprise to hear that many female bodybuilders grew up in sports and are quite accomplished athletes in other arenas. Transitioning from sports and athletics in childhood and through school to spending time in the gym and competing in fitness, figure, and bodybuilding as an adult seems widely common.

[Nov 25 2008] Female Training: What Needs To Change
Women in Bodybuilding Category

There’s no shortage of information out there with regards to building muscle and losing fat, but often this information is not specified directly towards female fat loss or female muscle building.

[Nov 14 2008] Training the Lower Body - In Search of the
Women in Bodybuilding Category

Every woman out there who puts any effort into her training and nutrition wants to develop a nice, firm backside.  Many women struggle to tighten up their lower bodies and tone the glutes and hamstrings.  There are many effective approaches to ...

[Sep 08 2008] Questins for Amanda Polk
Women in Bodybuilding Category

Questions for Amanda Polk 1. I understand that you got started at a very early age, much more so then many competitors. How have you been able to maintain such a clear focus on obtaining your goals, especially during your “high school” years ...

[Aug 20 2008] Female Bodybuilding. Yes, Female
Women in Bodybuilding Category

Female Bodybuilding. Yes, Female