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[May 26 2009] Troy Alves Wins His First Pro Show at 41
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The inaugural IFBB Europa Show of Champions may have opened the door for that certain category of bodybuilders who are good enough to go up against the best in the world but have yet to get over the hump. One of those men that fit that description is Troy...

[Mar 20 2009] The History of Bodybuilding
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I believe to be a true fan of a sport you need to know the history and storyline of that sport. All of the past legends, important events, and altering decisions should be celebrated as not only a reverence to the sport, but for the integrity of the sport...

[Mar 17 2009] Getting On The Career Path To Personal Training
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After spending so much time yourself in the gym, putting in the work and effort to create a body that turns heads, you may start to realize that you’re bored in your current career and would like to do something that’s more health and fitness ...

[Mar 03 2009] The 2009 Arnold Classic
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Every year since 1989 some of the top bodybuilders from around the world gather in Columbus, Ohio to take their shot at one of the most prestigious titles in the bodybuilding world, “The Arnold Classic!” Each year when the bodybuilding season ...

[Mar 03 2009] Black Jack: Arnold Classic Hits 21
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It’s hard to dispute the magnitude of the Mr. Olympia contest. In the world of professional bodybuilding, the annual contest that is now held in Las Vegas is called the Super Bowl of its sport. The top ranked competitors in the world meet to decide ...

[Feb 27 2009] Natural and Frustrated?
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Let me begin by saying this article is not a slam for those who aren’t natural, it’s simply an article that gives an insight into a natural’s life. My testimonies are of truth and nothing more. There are many ways to look at competing a...

[Feb 27 2009] A Total-Lee Awesome Career: 8-Time Mr. Olympia Haney Set the Mark
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is by far considered to be the best bodybuilder of all time. The Austrian Oak is the most recognized name, face and even voice within the sport and mainstream media. His multiple Mr. Olympia titles are very impressive, but fall short...

[Feb 27 2009] Acting Like His Idol - From Bodybuilding to the Movies, Gunter Schlierkamp Style
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“Arnold will always be the best, but maybe I can become the first Gunter Schlierkamp.” When you are following in your idol’s footsteps, it is an attitude like that which will get you places. Called the “Gentle Giant,” body...

[Feb 27 2009] Good Things Come in Small Packages
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5’4” Kevin English Stands Tall in Competition Most athletes have the luxury of something called an ‘offseason.’ You know, the winter in baseball and the spring for football. A time of the year to recover from all the hard work t...

[Feb 27 2009] Boys Rule and Girls Drool: Why do Men have the advantage?
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It’s obvious to see the physical difference when referring to males and females, but what physiologic factors play a role in the gym? This article will give perspective to the world of exercise science and the biomechanics associated with it, specif...

[Feb 27 2009] Bench Pressing – The Lynchpin of Chest Training
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The bench press is a core exercise for developing mass throughout the chest as well as upper body size, thickness, and strength.  For most people, there is no other upper body exercise that will allow them to lift as much weight as the bench press, s...

[Feb 27 2009] A Sport Grows in Brooklyn: The Auspicious Beginnings of Bodybuilding’s Best Contest
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Back in 1965, bodybuilding was in need of a ‘real’ title to crown its champion. Before then, Mr. America, Mr. World and Mr. Universe all reigned supreme next to one another. It was more confusing than finding the one unanimous overall king of ...