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[Apr 07 2009] Post-Show Ė What You Should Be Doing After You Step Off Stage
Competition Category

After spending weeks prepping for your big day on stage, you might not have given much thought to what comes after the show.  Leading up to the big day, most people have customized their diet and training down to the very last detail ¬¬&n...

[Feb 27 2009] The Final Week of Contest Preparation: Make Your List and Check it Twice!
Competition Category

Contest time is drawing near.  Whether you are competing in a figure, fitness, or bodybuilding competition, you have spent several months training and dieting, practicing your posing and preparing for the upcoming competition.  It has been a mar...

[Dec 04 2008] Getting Ready For Your First Competition
Competition Category

After youíve been training hard for a number of months, thoughts of entering a bodybuilding figure or fitness competition might be crossing your mind. Not only is this a great way to meet others who are involved in the sport, but also since it gives you something solid to train for, it can be a terrific way to boost your commitment and motivational levels of getting to the gym.