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[Mar 12 2009] New Superstar
Arnold Classic 2009 Category

It is ironic that a bodybuilder nicknamed “The Predator” made his mark on the sport at a contest honoring the star of a film of the same name. Kai Greene literally stood on his head in winning the 2009 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, prompting the present governor of California who played mercenary Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer in the 1987 action flick to say, “I told you (Greene) backstage that you are the best poser I ever saw.”

[Mar 07 2009] 2009 Arnold Classic: The Predator Lives!
Arnold Classic 2009 Category

The 2009 Arnold Classic has come and gone and I see no reason in the world to make you wait any longer. The Predator Kai Greene is king of the mountain today! It’s safe to say this year’s champion created a new standard at the ASC, and that standard would simply be Kai Greene.

[Mar 07 2009] Arnold Classic 2009: Female Finals
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March 6, 2009 comes to a close as day one of the 21st ASC wraps up a day of jammed packed action! Friday is always the day for the women of the fitness industry to shine, and there isn’t a disappointed face in Columbus tonight. From the Fitness International, Figure International and the Ms. International, it was a day full of surprises and some of the top athletes in the world!