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Mid Back Attack

Without a doubt the back musculature is the most complex of all the muscle groups we train as bodybuilders. Not only is it important to build both general width and thickness, but it is also essential to utilize a myriad of different angles, grips, and ...


Since I began training back in the late 1980’s the world of sports supplements has changed immensely! Liver tabs, brewer’s yeast, liquid amino acids, Anabolic Mega Paks, and chalk-like protein powders have been replaced by shelves and shelves...

Peak Week

In my twenty years in the bodybuilding/fitness industry I have competed in about two dozen shows myself and have prepped others for several hundred more. This has given me the irreplaceable chance to experiment with dozens of different ways to organize that crucial final week.

Bi's to New Highs

When you look at the biceps of former greats like Boyer Coe, Robby Robinson, Albert Beckles and more recently, 8-time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman you are bound to notice the incredible peaks that sit atop their massive guns. In fact, it looks as if they ...