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2009 Arnold Classic: The Predator Lives!

The 2009 Arnold Classic has come and gone and I see no reason in the world to make you wait any longer. The Predator Kai Greene is king of the mountain today! Itís safe to say this yearís champion created a new standard at the ASC, and that standard would simply be Kai Greene.

The 2009 Arnold Classic has come and gone and I see no reason in the world to make you wait any longer. The Predator Kai Greene is king of the mountain today! It’s safe to say this year’s champion created a new standard at the ASC, and that standard would simply be Kai Greene. Kai brought a package to the stage that is as near perfect as can be, easily one of the best that’s ever earned the top spot at the ASC. With so much talk of Victor’s comeback to the ASC stage and the amazing job X-Man Tony Freeman has displayed as of late, it seemed many had Kai in 3rd or even 4th before he hit the stage. But after prejudging there was no doubt who tonight’s winner would be. At prejudging the ASC judges had the competitors come out one by one and perform the mandatory poses on a raised smaller stage. When the Predator stood up there the whole stage shook!  

With a strong field of 13, it would have been easy to look at the competitors list and think this one was wide open, but that simply wasn’t the case. 

Moe El Moussawi

Sergey Shelestov

Victor Martinez

Ronny Rockel

Silvio Samuel

Dennis James

Johnnie Jackson

Kai Greene

Branch Warren

Marcus Haley

Gustavo Badell

Toney Freeman

Ahmad Haider

When the top 6 were called there were no huge surprises except for maybe one. Moe El Moussawi found himself in the top 6 after finishing 11th at last year’s ASC; but for the most part the top 6 went as expected. 

6th Moe El Moussawi 

5th Silvio Samuel 

4th Toney Freeman 

3rd Branch Warren 

2nd Victor Martinez 

1st Kai Greene

Moe El Moussawi: Moe came to the ASC as one of the most symmetrical competitors on stage, carrying with him some of the tightest glutes and a pair of solid arms that were tough to beat. He still didn’t have enough mass on his frame to propel him into the big money, but the vast improvements he’s made the past year earned him a much respected finish at this year’s show.









Silvio Samuel: Some of the best back detail on the stage tonight; and talk about grainy; Silvio looked like he was living walking granite. A little more glute and quad separation and he may have found himself higher up the ladder, if he can bring that next time he will definitely find himself there.  

Toney Freeman: Toney finished strong with his final placing, he still possess one of the best V-tapers in bodybuilding. There is no doubt Toney was shredded as he always is, but today was simply not his best. He seemed to have smoothed over just a tad compared to the pics he released just a few short days ago, but he still finished strong and still holds the title as the one and only X-Man. 







Branch Warren: Muscle on top of muscle! That’s really the only way to describe Branch tonight. With a pair of the biggest legs on stage, the grainiest chest and some of the craziest hanging hams you’ve ever seen, it’s no wonder he once again won the “Most Muscular” award. It may very well have been one of his best showings to date, and he earned this top 3 spot! 

Victor Martinez: When Vic hit the front double bi’s shot it looked like game over. How could anyone compare to this? Vic was almost perfect, shredded to the bone, and displayed muscle control that is second to almost no one! When he hit the rear lat spread and popped each side out one at a time, the crowd was witness to one of the widest backs on stage today and they were sure to let him know their appreciation. Some may argue that he deserved the top spot tonight, you can’t make everyone happy, but tonight there just happened to be one man who was freakiest of all, and unfortunately for Vic, he was not that man. 

Kai Greene:
Perhaps one of the most perfect physiques in bodybuilding today! Kai’s back looked almost alien with the most insane detail any bodybuilding fan has ever seen. Kai was 100% absolutely flawless tonight, from size to conditioning to posing and all, he was perfect! Easily the best poser on stage and it paid off with the “Best Poser” award. Watching Kai pose almost doesn’t seem real. His rhythmic fluid ability to contort his muscles may lead him to being called one of the best posers of all time; if not, he will certainly be dubbed as one of the most entertaining. How many bodybuilders out there can stand on their heads and still go through poses? The answer; probably none other than Kai; and to top it off he completed several poses in that position as well as an array of many other spectacular displays of rhythmic muscle control. Kai Greene was and is “The Man” tonight. Arnold himself may have killed the predator years ago, but a new predator lives and carries one of the most awesome champion physiques of our time! 



Even with an absolutely amazing top 6 the entire field of competitors was spectacular! Other notables: 

Johnnie Jackson: Perhaps his best conditioning in years, it may have very easily been his absolute best! Johnnie displayed some of the biggest pecs on stage and huge protruding back detail that simply made your jaw drop! In many ways Johnnie possessed many of the same qualities as Kai, if his legs were just a little bigger, and he can continue to bring forth that same level of quality he did today, he may find himself in an unstoppable position. 







Gustavo Badell: Still one bad ass physique. Still big as a house and carries some of the best qualities any bodybuilder could hope for. His conditioning simply wasn’t what its been before. He was a touch bit smoother than what we’ve seen him bring to the stage many times before, if he remedies that, he could easily find himself in the big money once again.









For those of you that missed the show, there is no doubt you missed one of the most exciting Arnold Classics of all time! Everything a fan could ask for was what we got, and it’s hard to imagine that such a spectacular showing could ever happen again. But hey, this is the Arnold Classic, and you can bet your 5lb jug of protein that next year there will be a war on stage once again! 

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